Teachers, Students, and Covid-19, What is Happened With Them?


Have you ever talked about the things that came up from your mind "Is there any possibility in this universe to learning in highly technology era?" Well. Here it is. Welcome to the century of everything has changed. It does look like a movie. Suddenly, the news about pandemic are arising through and there is no more option than just "do social distancing, learn and pray from home". All you need to do is 'Stay at Home'. So, how the children, the students, and all those people did to suffer? This Covid-19 has brought us to the tragical scene occurred in such a horror movie. There are massive victims by this historical pandemic in this entire 20’s century. Many people are forfeiting their jobs, the economy are down, the number of people who died by the Covid disease are arising day by day within data more than 650.000 cases, the educational teaching learning process are frequently transformed to the field of virtual/online classes. Welcome to the year of 2020.

Things to define this year are about Independence, Intelligence, and Matured. How do I say so? See how many people, official employees, and students suffered their life in this chaotic disease. But I rather highlight the point in educational teaching learning process. So, how it implies to the teacher who teaches in a small town in making sure the students are still interested and involved their curiosity in study. Well, Indonesia has applied the similar education system during this pandemic, it is Online/Virtual class. Do you think it is worked well? If we could compare it with another country like United States of America which does the similar system, they are distributing the gadgets to their students, so every student from any society could reach their online classes well. Moreover, the internet connection in New York are certainly more stable than Indonesia. The students who are having in lack of the device and internet connection could be able to join the virtual classes, All of those issues above will become our next problem during this pandemic, especially for Indonesia Education Ministry, it would be some of difficult issues to be concerned by them.  So, is there any benefit of teaching learning process in the middle of all pandemic’s issues above? How do the teachers cope with this situation?

            However, our life keeps going and we must keep working and bowing up. We will never know, there will be always the worst thing might ever happen in front of us. There is no such an obvious information about when the pandemic is end. So, all we have to do now is only accept it and keep surviving. As the time within more than eight months, we used to have a virtual class, both teachers and students, they become more "Independent" in this era. Students continue their education through online class, and video call with their teacher. Teachers are also participated and forced more actively with students through the technology. Simply said, not all the teachers could implement their ability toward technology. So, this is the challenge. It goes to the teachers themselves. The pandemic has forced the teachers to be more creative and up to date in every change of technology, the difficulties of it. In addition, both teachers and students are still having the obligation to  keep on their learning process on the track. As a student, I do feel the same with others that the things all we have done through this learning system made us exhausted and stressful. But still, there is a good impact from it, some of them are now doing their effort to do their best to achieve a good score instead of complaining it, now they can be called as an 'independence' person. The students are deliberately doing their virtual classes in a whole semester with their own discovering sources and platform to finish their assignments. It must be very tough but then it can develop their manner and mind to be more 'Independence' individual for their future ahead. This is not easy for us, both teachers and students. But still, we have to adapt the situation. The students of Senior High School One Kawali have changed my mind about how the students could be very bored and not attracted at all to learn. But then, it is glad to see how enthusiast and gladly they are in studying English. There is a good hope during this pancemic. Personally, I have ever felt afraid of how if the students were already lost their enthusiasm about learning, but then it is all shifted. The students’ enthusiasm in learning English during this pandemic are just amazing. Those students received the materials well and did the test by the quiz within mostly in a good score. Any kind of issues were just on the internet connection, since they lived in the village, rest of them were having unstable internet connection and even ran out the internet data package.

The second thing about 2020 is "Intelligence". Since the students were getting bored and tired through this learning system. On the other hand, the range of students who have upgraded their intelligence are increasing. An Intelligence here is needed most by students and so are teachers. Teachers have done their hard work on their teaching process. Teachers also did a lot of research and practiced their ability through virtual classes more often than before as their effort in developing their intelligence as well. Students are definitely more insight further than before since they have to sum up their curiosity more in exploring and finding out the key to solve the problem of their assignments. Whereas, by explicity, it is really effecting their intelligence to becoming more highly independence and smart to searching through the internet or any learning platform, it is indeed increasing their creativity, and skills to become sophisticated than before. It is very tiring but believe it or not, it would stimulate them to be used to work under pressure within highly independence and more intelligence.

The third thing about 2020 is 'Matured'. In many factors. Human’s maturity could not be judge easily and simplify by others. But then, the maturity would be the main the factor in social life, for students, teachers and many people while suffering their life. In this case, students are also taught to overcome their stressful toward learning process in pandemic era, by controlling the emotion and to be more patient above all. Meanwhile, Government announces the upcoming news about offline learning process in the next year 2021, it would be a good news for teachers and students having normal way in learning process. But, there is no one knows the truth. In fact, the Covid-19 virus is unpredictable, at the end of this year, the victims of it become larger in amount than before. Even though, there will be a time ahead to execute the realization of 'offline' meeting like a normal. There is no guarantee above all not to be infected by this contagious disease. In addition, the students could become more matured than they thought. they all fighters here and so are we. And we already suffered together from the beginning of the year until this time to stay stand for battle with the virus. We are all the winner. We are all matured by the time. It is not easy but we have to keep it try. 2020 is taught us, becoming more Independence, Intelligence and Matured.

Created by the students of English Literature major in UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

Rachmadina Maghfira/Ibin Yuliana


 Personal Data Writer


Assalamu'alaikum . Hello everyone! It is very honour for me to have an opportunity to write thisessay in Ciamis Nuansa. I'm as the writer of the article entittle "Teachers, Students, and Covid-19,

What is happened with them?'' I do my research to finally could attach my writing here with

teaching English in Senior High School One Kawali for fulfilling my submission of PPL from my


Name : Rachmadina Maghfira

Born : 3 Agust 1999, Bekasi

Age : 21

Graduated from : SDN 1 Kawali, SMPN 1 Kawali, SMAN 1 Kawali

Currently study in : UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

The major : English Literature on 5th semester.

Achievements : Runner Up Mojang Kabupaten Ciamis 2017, Duta Fakultas Adab dan

Humaniora UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung 2018, juara favorit lomba

menyanyi dalam acara jurusan Sastra Inggris UIN Sunan Gunung Djati

Bandung 2019, juara 4 Debat Bahasa Inggris se -provinsi Jawab Barat tingkat

SMA, aktris terbaik se-Priangan Timur dalam kegiatan lomba Teater tingkat

SMA, juara 1 lomba Group Band se-Kabupaten tingkat SMA, juara 1 Vocal

Group se-Kabupaten tingkat SMP, juara 2 Speech Contest se-Kabupaten

tingkat SMP, juara 1 kelompok Pramuka se-Kecamatan tingkat SD, juara 1

Pidato se-Kecamatan tingkat SD, juara 1 Story Telling se-Kecamatan tingkat


Contact me for more information at : @rachmadinamaghfira_gmail.com

Instagram at : rachmadina_maghfira


Thank you, don't forget to use your mask, do sanitize and keep social distancing !



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